Learn How To Speak Dog Language

Dogs are an entirely different species to humans; a host of problems can arise when owners try to treat their pets¬† like children so let’s speak dog language. In order to be responsible dog owners we need to be aware of these differences and appreciate how the world looks from their perspective. This article will … Read more

What Type Of Dog Do I Choose

This article is for anyone who has decided to get a new pet dog. To simplify the selection process think very carefully about what you and your family want from a dog. Carefully considering your requirements and expectations prior to selecting a dog will help you to make the right choice. Choosing a new dog … Read more

What to Get For A New Dog

  Getting a dog for the very first time is a huge undertaking and this post is aimed at anyone who is considering a new pet dog.¬† Dogs involve commitment, responsibility, financial outlay and a great deal of care, however, as any dog owner will tell you, the rewards of dog ownership far exceed any … Read more

How To Get A Dog To Lose Weight

There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that a healthy dog of normal weight lives much longer than an overweight dog. As little as five pounds over the ideal body weight can put your dog at risk of developing some serious medical conditions. When a dog is overweight it is no longer a … Read more

5 Tips To House Train A New Dog

This article is aimed at anyone who is in the process of or is considering house training a new adolescent or adult pet dog (approximately six months or older) as opposed to house training a puppy, although the same tips will hold true for puppies. Some pet dogs, through no fault of their own, reach … Read more