About Me

About Me

Hi there, I’m Rick and I wish you a warm welcome to my dog friendly website. Dogs are often described as “mans best friend” and I have loved dogs since early childhood. My grandparents had a dog, several of my friends had dogs and my sister and I always wanted a dog. We had a cat during my childhood and whilst I loved Mitzi (the cat) I always promised myself that as soon as I had my own place with a garden I’d get a dog.

Fast forward to adulthood and, as a family we took Casper, our first puppy, into our family as soon as we had a home with a large enough garden. Casper was a loving, lively, intelligent collie cross with loads of energy and a mind of his own. Having a mind of his own was one thing, but he wanted to make up his own mind whether to obey commands or not! We quickly realised that Casper needed training and as newbie dog owners, that we needed some professional help in training him! A professional trainer was hired and I quickly discovered that an obedient dog is indeed a happy dog.

Since Casper, there have been several dogs which have touched me deeply and I have discovered that unique and wonderful bond between a human and their cherished canine friend. I have walked literally thousands of miles with various dogs, spent numerous hours playing with them and been heartbroken at having to say goodbye when the time came.  A sad reality of dog ownership is that their expected life span is much shorter than our own.

Patch  Dog

My current “best friend” is a spaniel/pointer (and I reckon a few more breeds) cross called Patch, we rescued Patch when she was 18 months old and to say she had a few behaviour issues would be a slight understatement! She had been at an animal rescue centre for 9 months, literally half her life and in that time several people had expressed an interest in adopting her. They decided against adopting her when she showed the aggressive side of her character and one family even took her home, but couldn’t cope so brought her back to the rescue centre.

When we first saw Patch (whose name was Angel at that time) Claire, my wife, fell in love with her. I thought she was a beautiful looking dog, barely out of puppyhood but the drawback was that she didn’t trust people so she snapped at them when they drew close. Patch’s story was heart-breaking, suffering abuse from the moment of birth and I was at a total loss as to why anyone would mistreat such a lovely creature. I was prepared to feel sympathy and move on to the next potential addition to the family but Claire had other ideas…..We got Angel and changed her name to Patch!!

Love, patience, plenty of exercise, professional help and some appreciation of dog psychology have helped Patch become the happy well balanced dog she is today. The journey has been a transformation for me as well as for Patch and has touched me massively at a deep emotional level.


This journey has been great, tough at times, thoroughly rewarding and an experience I would be delighted for others to enjoy for themselves. It has touched me massively at a deep emotional level that I didn’t even know existed; to see a dogs behaviour and demeanour change to the extent it has in Patch is truly miraculous.

Dogs are pack animals and should be able to trust their owners (the pack leaders) implicitly. The overwhelming majority of dog owners want only the best for their pet but don’t always know what the best is. I’d love others to experience some of the wonderful emotions I’ve felt in their own interactions with their dog.


It is my aim to help make this a better world for dogs and their owners. To compare dog training programmes, to look at dog training methods, to review dog toys and to discuss general dog welfare.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to ask and I will be more than happy to help you out if I can.

All the best,